Have you ever wonder why Google services or Google photos are free?
now let’s talk about one of the Google services

Google photos:

when you upload your photos to google photos , if you select the compressed version you can store unlimited pictures and videos because Google’s compression engine compresses your photos and videos intelligently

Google photos

There are three options to select while backing up your photos

  • Normal quality
  • High Quality
  • Express Backup

Pictures uploaded and backed up are the same resolution but storage is limited

High Quality:

When high quality is selected your photos are compressed, even higher resolution is compressed to 16mp and videos are compressed to1080p Full HD.

Express Backup:

Photos and videos are compressed to 3MP and 480p. it doesn’t speed up sync and backup, your photos, videos get compressed to 3MP, 480p
next time when you backup photos cautious about your backup options

Now technology:-

Google storing your photos and offers features like group similar faces, it recognizes photos from childhood to young age how it changed over the years. they collect these data in masses and send it back to servers, The machine-learning algorithm takes the data and processes it. it helps us to find all photos of a person in different photos, it also helps Google to train machine learning algorithm for improvements of its capabilities in facial recognition and age progression

google services
google services

What will Google do?

well, google offers software solutions to different organizations like they use these machine learning models and develop software on facial recognition and sell it to the police force or military for surveillance and catch criminals, terrorists.

Why Google services offer free :

Google is best at compression engine software, it offers a whopping 15GB of data for each Gmail account, unlike its competitors, it is much more,

Google collects user’s data, like your location history and serve you targeted ads when you are at a certain location

How to get rid of it?

All the data is stored in Google’s web activities, it can be moderated and managed your data, limit how much data is collected by Google, and also delete your activity from your Google account settings.

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