Do we need strong Privacy policy in India?

when it comes Privacy policy in India As of now, India’s internet literacy rate is lower than total Internet users in India

Recently we have seen that the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps. And the reason for that is security of state and public order

What's going wrong?

European Union has a perfect regulatory law called GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) this law protects users privacy and it also regulates the data transfer between European Union countries to outer countries, they check the data transfer and regulates if personal data is transferred to other countries, they also have a strong law that makes companies bound to privacy regulations and protects the privacy of public.

Whereas in India, the government is taking measures to protect the privacy of people by monitoring the activities of each popular developer and taking countermeasures to protect privacy.

for example, the ban of 59 Chinese app and prohibited Indian military personals use of 89 apps  

But when you see the bigger picture in play store many app developers c develop an app and upload it when it becomes a huge success when it comes to limelight the government is verifying the app activity and regulating it if it senses anything fishy.

But think about unpopular apps that have lesser user base but collecting user data, In any route, the privacy of a user is at risk

If the Indian government makes a strong law against user privacy and data storage, then the developer will think twice before making any such mistake like collecting user’s data without their consent. It also gives the government an authority to punish such companies or developers and stops dark activities.

This also gives users a protection layer, so that the non-technical people/general public can use the internet safely.

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