What is IoT (Internet of things)?

IoT (Internet of things) devices are gaining popularity slowly they are not revolutionized like smartphones and laptops. There are reasons for that. 

As we know IoT device smart lights, fans, AC’s, connected refrigerator, connected coolers, every connected electronic device communicate with each other. these devices can be called IoT devices

Having IoT devices is fun and convenient at homes, office’s, factories, here comes the issues there are no proper standards to IoT connected devices.

For example:-

  • Google is having its line of IoT products under the brand nest.
  • Apple is having its line of IoT products whereas there is no centralized platform for these devices, which We need one.

why we need a centralized platform for IoT (Internet of Things)?

Reason:-If you buy a car, or mobile it’s a single independent device which as a processing unit built in it. But these IoT connected devices are many appliances which should communicate with each other and connected under one roof so that it can make a day productive.

You cannot download different apps for a different branded devices like an app for light, app for the fan, app for the washing machine if you buy these of different brands as of now you have to download different applications. 

which ties our hands to stick to one brand or not to buy IoT devices at all, We have to wait for a centralized platform to connect all of our device’s and enjoy the work productivity.

Security: As these IoT connected devices are gaining popularity slowly, companies are not much concentrated on security.

In a household, you have many connected devices, A smart bulb and fan can be ok but nowadays people are using a voice assistant to control these connected devices which means you have microphone. All around you.

Recent security breach from popular Brands:

  • Amazon Alexa recorded the personal conversation of a family and mistakenly and send to its cloud servers.
  • Google’s nest devices are hacked by a hacker targeting one family.
  • Security one of the reason main reason.

Final verdict:-

IoT (Internet of things) devices are great, makes our life easier but at the same time, we have to be cautious. if you can wait please wait for a while Apple and Google and other tech giants working on central platform.

Some of the IoT devices available in India to make your home smart home

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