Popular Chinese app Alternatives (made in India)

Here are some Popular Chinese app Alternatives (includes other country origin apps except China), As of now there are very less popular apps Made in India by Indians but we can encourage our developers.
As our hon’ble prime minister said we should have our own resources.

Think about it this way,  recently government ban some Chinese suspicious apps, if Government have to block Google and its services in India, just think about it, our mails, backup photos, synced contacts and many more will be inaccessible, if there was no google there is chaos in the entire country, we need our own infrastructure, our own services. Even file sharing is made by others, but in almost every company there will be a Indian developer, we need our own infrastructure and we should be self Dependent

Here we are providing  best authentic apps for your basic daily work needs, there are some apps are Indian origin and some apps are outsourced, let’s check them out 

File Manager:

To manage all your files like photos, music, documents, etc…, you can take a look at these

solid Explorer:

Solid explorer gives you a great experience, there features like split screen for file moving and exploring
Android (click here) 

Files by Google's :

It is one of the best app for your Android, its feature rich app made by Google, some of the features are:

  • files tranfer between Android devices
  • junk cleaning
  • files exploring
    one app that can do three different tasks and the app is very light
  • Download it here
Fx file Explorer

It is available on Android tv also if you need a unified interface and need Similar interface everywhere then FX files explorer is your go to 
Download it here

Document scanner:

Now a day even kids need to upload there home work to their schools, Many of us has used Cam scanner previously but now that it is banned in India then there are some powerful apps out there 

Scan it
  • primarily it is made by our Indians. it is a made in India App  
  • It has no Ads
  • It has support for OCR 
  • Download now
Adobe scan

If you are familiar with Adobe it is well known trusted brand and it has many products that are very good at productivity 
Adobe scan is one of them 
Download now

Microsoft Office lens
  • It has support for OCR 
  • Batch documents
  • Download Here

Kaagaz Scanner[ Android]

Another made in India app by  Indian 

some other Productive apps

Video editing on mobile

Kine master video editing [ Android /IOS ]

In Microsoft office app you can manage your word documents, excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations 
Get it now

  • Some other apps :
  • Screen recorder  no ads download Now
  • Xrecorder screen recorder Download Now
  • clone apps (parallel space alternative) Get it Now
  • Vault hide (for hiding your files and photos) get it Here
  • Google meet (for meetings and Video conferencing) Download(Android )
  • Microsoft teams for group meetings [Android /IOS] 
  • Jio meet (for meetings and Video conferencing you can stream 23 hours with upto 100 members) specially its a made in India app Download Now [ Android / IOS]
  • Avasta Anti virus Download [Android / IOS ]
  • BitDefender(Anti virus app) Get it now [Android / IOS ]
  • Norton app lock (app lock for your personal apps) Android click here

Indian army personals are ordered to Uninstall 89 Apps but government banned only 59 Apps why? know details here

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