India can't ban Chinese products!

  • Ban Chinese imports
  • Ban Chinese investments

First, let’s see ban  China imports

Ban Chinese imports (Electronics)

China is one of the largest electronic manufacturer, China contains largest manufacturing factories in the world, Key Electronic components like PCB’s, motherboards, chips, display’s, and batteries are the main components of mobiles, laptops, computers, which are mass-produced in China, And almost every country imports them from China. Those factories can’t be built overnight, they need millions/billions of dollars to invest in new factories

It can be done, but gradually.

Likewise, most of the products that are available in India are from China, manufacturing in China costs lower than in India, So banning Chinese products over the night is next to impossible. It will affect economy badly

Indian market is price sensitive. if you want to buy the same products that are manufactured in India it costs more.

There are reasons for that,  like taxes in India are different from China 

If Indian government goes  and ban Chinese products, then china may also do the same.

See how it affect our economy badly, see the stats below.

exports from India to china

from April 2019 to February 2020, china gets 3% of total Exports from India 

Imports from china to India

from April 2019 to February 2020, India gets 11.8% of total Exports from china

It clearly states that we are more dependent on china in terms of goods imports and exports

Fun fact: “Ban Chinese products”, printed T-shirts can also be imported from china because they are cheaper than in India

Ban Chinese investments (click here)

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