Why Ban Chinese investments?

Here we are discuss why there is necessity to ban Chinese Investments in India  

Chinese have largely invested Indian Startups way before. Recently china’s central bank bought 1.01% of stake in HDFC Bank which is one of the largest banking companies in India, during lock down.

Some of the startups invested by china

Paytm,  Ola, Flipkart, Swiggy,  Gaana, Zomato, Big Basket, Mxplayer, Oyo, Dream 11.

Paytm- less than 20% is owned by its founder Vijay,40% owned by the Alibaba group.

It is happening because their shortage of Indian inventors and if we do get stubborn and Chinese investors withdraw their investments then it may create a big financial crisis in Indian start up’s

Here is other reason India trades with other countries it has to follow guideline which comes under trading policies

If India wants to stop trading with China it can, but it can affect relations with other nations which are in favor of China

Few Indian State Governments now restricting the participation of China companies from it’s tender of Government works, now we can see that some states had withdrawn Chinese companies from sanctioned projects

so what we can do? as a citizen, we can avoid the purchase of Chinese goods and promote our products and encourage our entrepreneurs

Now Even Government ordered E-commerce to list all the product’s point of origin in there websites

Amazon deadline is August 10 to all its sellers to list their products point of origin (manufactured country) 

Here we covered a topic Ban Chinese products Read here

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