Android vs IOS

Firstly when it comes to comparing two different OS we have to compare the main aspects like ease of usage, apps library, security and privacy, affordability.


Android gives a great way for customizing options when compared to IOS, Android is an open-source platform where any manufacturer can use the platform to make their custom UI and add features to it. But when it comes to IOS it is very limited.

Security and privacy :

When it comes to security IOS is far more secure than android the latest IOS14 is mainly focused on user privacy because android is open-source security and privacy is a bit hard to maintain. We have seen it some of the popular UI like MIUI where the incognito mode browsing data is sent back to the company which is suppose to be made it to be private, and some of the popular UI like realme UI, MIUI, MIUI for Poco, color OS, serve targeted ads and recommendations to the users while some of the recommendations are very disturbing and feels awkward in public places at the same time brands like Nokia, Motorola, etc brings clean UI with no ads and stock android experience to the users. IOS brings a clean UI and software to users where the bloatware apps are very minimal almost to none 

Apps optimization:

Android has more devices if you want to keep a count the number of android devices launched in a quarter almost equals to no of iPhones till date (25 models launched till now since first iPhone) so app developers easily optimize their apps for IOS than android

Software updates:

Here also IOS leads when they launch new version all the supported devices of IOS gets the update same day and when it comes to android the software updates are badly delayed and sometimes some brands just skip the updates


The android devices have a wide range of pricing sections starts from ₹4k to above ₹90k

Where the IOS devices have limited price for the latest model starts from ₹42k to above 130k

App library:

Android play store has a wide range of apps when compared to IOS Appstore, at the same time IOS has all the major app developers but the restrictions are very strict on apps developers than android. android always cleans its play store and remove apps that don’t follow its guidelines 

Ease of usage:

When it comes to ease of using both the platforms are matured equally 

Final verdict:

Android has a wide range of products in all the price points. If you choose the right brand that respects the user privacy in android your good to go

When it comes to IOS they are a bit pricey but the limited models make no confusion to choose if you have the budget and concerned about privacy can’t go do all the research then IOS is your choice 

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